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And when it fails to recoup?
Well maybe,
You just haven't earned it yet baby

- The Smiths, "Paint a Vulgar Picture"

If you're wondering what Scott was doing from 1993 to 1999, check out High Voltage Software

High Voltage released 15 titles on multiple platforms and in multiple countries, for a total of 24 SKUs, in six years.

Wow! That's a lot of software!
Also check out Game Developer Magazine August 1997, November 1997 and April 1998 for Scott's articles on 3D animation.
Some of these articles are available on Gamasutra
What's Scott doing RIGHT NOW?
Nobody knows. It is a mystery. But just let it be known that I spend no more than 10 minutes at a time working on this page. I know, you're looking at it right now saying, "It could be so much more..." to which I reply, "Someday, someday. But check out those cool Java flames at the top!" Click on them for a secret boring message.

For the curious, maybe check out Red Mercury to see Scott recoup.

My Java quick apps:
Here are the Sun wireframe demos fitted with double buffering
Here is Chris Hecker's physics demo ported from C/C++ to Java

Also check out Fire! a not so original game that involves head smashing and blood based on the classic Nintendo Game & Watch.

Quote of the month:
"We are a violent culture, plain and simple. Our sports are violent. Our folk
songs are violent, as is our national anthem. Our nation's history is rife with
one-sided wars and genocide. Our nation is the only to actually use an atomic
weapon against another people. We televise our wars and watch the ratings soar.
And we produce mad video games with the mack-bitchin' graphics and the full-on
ultra-violence yeahh!"
- Darryl Barthe,
Previous quotes of the month:
"Everbody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."
- Matthew Stibbe at 1998 CGDC
"Now, with the prevalence of powerful scripts on IRC a recent phenomena
is the occurrence of the desynch. This is a nasty event that takes place
when you rejoin from a split and your script deops the existing ops and
the existing ops deop you at the same time. What this does is confuse
the shit out of the servers and cause them to desynchronize from one another.
This is to be avoided at all costs."
- semiobeing, 2600 Magazine, Volume Fourteen, Number Three
"All the artists want to make movies, all the programmers
want to be artists, and NOBODY wants to be a programmer!"
- Eugene Jarvis, 11/25/97 outside Harold Washington Library

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